July/August/September – The Summer Went By…

The summer was hot and felt like it went by in a flash. Linus continued to learn new things and surprise us everyday with how he expresses himself. Oh, and we’re officially potty trained! The back of Mommy’s car has now become a port-o-potty.

We’re getting things ready for 妹妹’s arrival the past few days and I feel totally unprepared. I don’t think Linus understands what’s really happening. I hope he loves his little sister. I finally took the time to take a belly photo this pregnancy today. I feel kind of bad I haven’t documented this pregnancy as well as Linus’, but you try chasing a 2 year old everyday pregnant and see how much time you have to update a blog. ;) We have about a month left!! I think this bump looks smaller than Linus was at 35 weeks, but I feel she is definitely more active inside!

And here’s some photos from the past few months in no particular order. We played a lot on weekends, attending OC Fair, LA County Fair, Disneyland, Monster Truck Rally, birthday parties, the beach, and the likes. Oh, and Mommy became an American citizen!

35 weeks – ONE month left!

Last week, Daddy left us to go to China on a business trip.  Did you miss him?  I did.  But we took care of business while he was gone right?  hehe…  It’s nice to have him back.  He even brought you back a present – even though you won’t fit in it until you’re 6 years old.  Daddy is still new at this.

You’re getting REALLY big these days. Let’s do a little comparison here…

33 weeks – Happy Mother’s Day!

We’ve been SO busy this past weekend.  Saturday, we had so many errands to run and Sunday, we spent most of the morning/afternoon working on the house.  Got lots accomplished too!  Daddy learned to install ceiling lights with the help of uncle Kevin and we bought our dining room table on clearance for 1/2 price! Stuff in the home inspection that we could fix ourselves have been addressed too in the attic.  Phew!  I need a nap just thinking about it all.

Here’s the dining room table while it was still in the store.

Then Sunday night, we had Mother’s Day dinner with the family.  Do I count as a mother yet?  Since I didn’t get any flowers or cards, I guess I’ll have to wait until next year.  Maybe you’ll know to give me a kiss by then. :)

I really wish PoPo and Ah-Gong were here to celebrate with us too.  You know, PoPo really is the best.  You’ll really love her.  I know I do.

Love, Mommy


32 weeks – under 2 months left >_<

OMG! How did the time fly by so fast?  Please tell me I have enough time to get everything ready.

Before you get here, Daddy and I have been trying to enjoy our time to ourselves as much as we can.  We went to a Clippers basketball game this past weekend.

NBA playoffs, and Clippers won!  It was really fun and we can’t wait to take you to a game once you’re out.  We’ll have to get you a little jersey to match the sea of red.

That same night, we saw The Avengers at the movies.  Daddy was so tired, he fell asleep through half the movie, but you were wide awake, kicking and punching with the superheroes. *WHAM*BAM*POW*  Who’s your favorite?

On Sunday, we took our lazy butts hiking.  This was a new trail for us, and we didn’t know how hard it was!  We didn’t make it to the end, but apparently there is a waterfall.  There were too many creeks and rocks to climb over and you’re not making it easy for me.  I tried my best and got as far as I could.  Once you’re out, we’ll go again to see the waterfall.

Here’s me letting you catch some rays.  Check out the hat. Remember, you’re also Canadian as well as being an American.  The Blue Jays are as much your team as the Dodgers are, you got that?

There’s still so much to do before your arrival, but things seem to finally be coming together at our new house.  You just stay put for as long as possible so I can get things ready.

Love, Mommy.

27 weeks – Hello 3rd Trimester!

We bought a house!  We’re officially homeowners!  Our little Maknugget will have a yard to play in and room to grow. We have uncle Kevin to thank for closing this for us.  When Daddy proposed, I agreed that I did not need a fancy engagement ring or wedding and instead, we would work hard and put that money towards a house.  Yesterday, Daddy lived up to his promise and I’m so proud of him.


Today, we went to Venice beach to soak in some of the lovely weather and also celebrate Auntie Nats’ birthday.  I hope you enjoyed the sun and fresh air as much as I did.


24 weeks – Busy Busy Busy

We’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to update.  Our Maknugget is 24 weeks now which means there’s only 16 weeks left before we meet!  Right now, I am so happy everyday when you kick and I know you’re alright.  I’m sure I will worry much more once you’re out.

So today, Daddy and I went hiking.  What is normally a very easy hike for us felt much harder today.  Carrying you is hard work!  We’ll take you hiking when you come out and I’m going to make Daddy carry you to get the extra exercise.  We made it to the end of the hike though!

So what happened the past 4 weeks since I updated?

1. I’m getting big enough that people are starting to ask if we’re expecting a baby instead of thinking quietly to themselves if I’m getting fat.

2. Being pregnant makes everything taste great and room in my stomach magically appears whenever dessert is mentioned.

3. Stepping on the scale gives me a shock every day.




4. My innie belly button became an outtie.  It’s so weird.  Cleanest my belly button has ever been though!

5. Daddy and I can see you kicking on the outside of my tummy now.  It’s cool seeing my tummy ripple with your kicks.





Time is flying by!  Hope you’re enjoying yourself in there.

Love, Mommy

20 weeks – We’re having a BOY!

Came back from the ultrasound on Friday and the doctor confirmed his guess at 12 weeks.  You are officially a boy and we’re so thrilled!  Now to narrow down our name list for you. 

We’re halfway there Maknugget.  Five more months and a million things still to do to prepare for you.  I promise you I’ll try my best to be ready when you’re here!

19 weeks

You’ve been moving around a lot!  Are you practicing kung fu in there?

19 weeks and not too much to report.  We’re close to the halfway point now, but daddy and I have been so busy at work that the time is just FLYING by.  How’d we get to 19 weeks already?