July/August/September – The Summer Went By…

The summer was hot and felt like it went by in a flash. Linus continued to learn new things and surprise us everyday with how he expresses himself. Oh, and we’re officially potty trained! The back of Mommy’s car has now become a port-o-potty.

We’re getting things ready for 妹妹’s arrival the past few days and I feel totally unprepared. I don’t think Linus understands what’s really happening. I hope he loves his little sister. I finally took the time to take a belly photo this pregnancy today. I feel kind of bad I haven’t documented this pregnancy as well as Linus’, but you try chasing a 2 year old everyday pregnant and see how much time you have to update a blog. ;) We have about a month left!! I think this bump looks smaller than Linus was at 35 weeks, but I feel she is definitely more active inside!

And here’s some photos from the past few months in no particular order. We played a lot on weekends, attending OC Fair, LA County Fair, Disneyland, Monster Truck Rally, birthday parties, the beach, and the likes. Oh, and Mommy became an American citizen!

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