Linus hits up the Aquarium

We decided to spend the some time with cousins Alyssa and Alton and go to the aquarium. Linus slept through most of the tour.  But the moments that he was awake, he enjoyed looking at the fish.

Except when Dad woke him up for this picture. WTF?

2 months – How did the time pass so fast?

Mommy and PoPo took your 2 month portraits.  At 2 months, you smile, laugh, and coo and it’s so cute!  You try to talk to us in coos and your favorite phrase is, “a-oo!”

In the past month, you got your social security card in the mail.  Your first official letter!  Received July 30, 2012!

You’re an American citizen before Mommy is!

Your favorite time of day is bath time.  You love being fresh and clean! 

You outgrew size 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers too.  We’re now in size 3-6 months and size 2′s! Look at those chunky thighs!You also got your 2 month shots a few days ago and you’ve been Fussy Mcfussypants.  Definitely unhappy and not feeling good. You HATE taking medicine even though it’s sweet like candy.  You spit it all out not matter what we try.  I guess nothing beats the taste of Mommy’s milk right?

It’s all for the best though.  A few days of not feeling well and you’ll be all protected from all sorts of scary diseases.  As soon as you start feeling better, we’ll be able to take you out to play!

You’re Mommy’s little furry prince. 毛毛公子, the thoughts of sleepness nights are forgotten as soon as you smile at me.Love, Mommy