Linus’ First Snow

We went on a little family trip to Big Bear this past weekend to get some snowboarding in.  We were lucky enough that it snowed while we were there.  Linus got to see his first real snow!  It’s a good thing we got a snowsuit in Canada!

Linus got to ride a sled. We also built Linus his first snowman. Linus really loved the snow.  I can’t wait to take him on the slopes!

6 months – Linus’ First Christmas

Our little baby is 6 months old! SIX MONTHS! What a big milestone. He can now roll both ways (sometimes even in his sleep), sit on his own, scoot backwards, eat solids, and grab at things faster than I ever thought possible.

Our Christmas tree is up and Linus LOVES to look at the lights and tries to eat the ball ornaments.
Look what a cute baby!

Here’s Linus meeting Santa. I wonder what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas? He has been a very good boy.

Linus starts solids!

Starting solids like a big boy! We tried giving him some rice porridge at a little over 5 months and he wasn’t ready yet, but now at a few days shy of 6 months, he’s eating like a champ!
Here is the first time he had porridge. He liked it, but his tummy didn’t so we held off for awhile.

Our little baby is growing up so fast!

Linus loves the swing!

Every Tuesday, we go to baby bounce story time at the library. We recently discovered the little park beside it and whenever we are early, we stop by the swings to play. He LOVES to swing on the swings!

Gone hiking in the rain!

It was a cloudy day, but the forecast said no rain, so we braved the gloominess and went out for a hike. Linus got to ride on Alvin’s back for the first time for this hike – he’s finally big enough. It was steep and hard! Midway up, it started to rain and we had to come back down. It was still nice going outdoors. Linus probably thought, “Is it bath time? I like baths!”