January – June: The past 6 months in review

After Christmas, PoPo went to Toronto and had to take a break so we are left in LA without her. Miss her so much, but she will be back in July! That also means Mommy didn’t update Maknugget blog for a long long time because she had no time!

In January, Linus started school! In the past 6 months, he has learned English and speaks in both Chinese and English and can even count in Spanish. He knows his ABC song, twinkle twinkle, 5 little monkeys, happy birthday, and you are my sunshine. Everyday mommy is surprised by yet another thing he knows.

Memorial day, we spent the weekend going to Palm Springs. Linus was amazed by the mountains and kept saying, “WOW! 好大石头!” We spent lots of time playing in the sand and water with our cousins Alton and Alyssa at Rancho Las Palmas again.

Singing twinkle twinkle on down the lazy river with Mommy

Swimming with BaBa

Fighting with Alyssa over a squirt toy

Linus started soccer although I don’t think he likes it very much. We enjoyed the beach, hiked often, and rode bikes. We played with our playgroup friends Raymond, Julian, and Lilian. Got into trouble with our cousins Alton and Alyssa. Two of Mommy’s good friends, Auntie Betty and Auntie Wynne came to visit us too! Linus even put on a show in the Toddler room with his friends. Although Linus didn’t do any singing at the Spring show, he didn’t cry and didn’t run away – which is more than we could say for a few of his friends.

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed

33 weeks – Happy Mother’s Day!

We’ve been SO busy this past weekend.  Saturday, we had so many errands to run and Sunday, we spent most of the morning/afternoon working on the house.  Got lots accomplished too!  Daddy learned to install ceiling lights with the help of uncle Kevin and we bought our dining room table on clearance for 1/2 price! Stuff in the home inspection that we could fix ourselves have been addressed too in the attic.  Phew!  I need a nap just thinking about it all.

Here’s the dining room table while it was still in the store.

Then Sunday night, we had Mother’s Day dinner with the family.  Do I count as a mother yet?  Since I didn’t get any flowers or cards, I guess I’ll have to wait until next year.  Maybe you’ll know to give me a kiss by then. :)

I really wish PoPo and Ah-Gong were here to celebrate with us too.  You know, PoPo really is the best.  You’ll really love her.  I know I do.

Love, Mommy