July/August/September – The Summer Went By…

The summer was hot and felt like it went by in a flash. Linus continued to learn new things and surprise us everyday with how he expresses himself. Oh, and we’re officially potty trained! The back of Mommy’s car has now become a port-o-potty.

We’re getting things ready for 妹妹’s arrival the past few days and I feel totally unprepared. I don’t think Linus understands what’s really happening. I hope he loves his little sister. I finally took the time to take a belly photo this pregnancy today. I feel kind of bad I haven’t documented this pregnancy as well as Linus’, but you try chasing a 2 year old everyday pregnant and see how much time you have to update a blog. ;) We have about a month left!! I think this bump looks smaller than Linus was at 35 weeks, but I feel she is definitely more active inside!

And here’s some photos from the past few months in no particular order. We played a lot on weekends, attending OC Fair, LA County Fair, Disneyland, Monster Truck Rally, birthday parties, the beach, and the likes. Oh, and Mommy became an American citizen!

June – Linus turns TWO [Part Three]

To wrap up Linus’ birthday weekend, we took Linus to Disneyland for the first time. Everyone had lots of fun, and Linus got to see Woody in the flesh. If you don’t know, he’s pretty obsessed with the Toy Story movie right now. 嫲嫲 got him a Buzz Lightgear toy and he clutched it and Harvey the whole walk from Disneyland to the parking lot. He got to play all day was so exhausted he fell asleep in the stroller which he NEVER does. Buzz fell out of the stroller in the end when he was asleep but Harvey stayed clutched in his hand. I guess Harvey isn’t getting replaced just yet. :)

January – June: The past 6 months in review

After Christmas, PoPo went to Toronto and had to take a break so we are left in LA without her. Miss her so much, but she will be back in July! That also means Mommy didn’t update Maknugget blog for a long long time because she had no time!

In January, Linus started school! In the past 6 months, he has learned English and speaks in both Chinese and English and can even count in Spanish. He knows his ABC song, twinkle twinkle, 5 little monkeys, happy birthday, and you are my sunshine. Everyday mommy is surprised by yet another thing he knows.

Memorial day, we spent the weekend going to Palm Springs. Linus was amazed by the mountains and kept saying, “WOW! 好大石头!” We spent lots of time playing in the sand and water with our cousins Alton and Alyssa at Rancho Las Palmas again.

Singing twinkle twinkle on down the lazy river with Mommy

Swimming with BaBa

Fighting with Alyssa over a squirt toy

Linus started soccer although I don’t think he likes it very much. We enjoyed the beach, hiked often, and rode bikes. We played with our playgroup friends Raymond, Julian, and Lilian. Got into trouble with our cousins Alton and Alyssa. Two of Mommy’s good friends, Auntie Betty and Auntie Wynne came to visit us too! Linus even put on a show in the Toddler room with his friends. Although Linus didn’t do any singing at the Spring show, he didn’t cry and didn’t run away – which is more than we could say for a few of his friends.

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed

November – Enjoying the great weather in SoCal

Every weekend, we pack up Linus and try to get outside to tire him out. Hiking, beach, whatever. Feels so busy but it’s fun!

Linus goes hiking. This little guy can walk half a mile no problem! We’ve got a confident stride now! Crawling? That’s for babies.

This is Linus’ favorite toy. A top BaBa bought from China for 5RMB. He LOVES to say, “转转转!” While spinning round and round. Here’s Linus trying to figure out how to wind up the top by himself, then having a ‘conversation’ with PoPo.

L rides a penny board. Maybe we should ask Santa for one? That kind of makes Mommy nervous. Maybe next year.

And lastly, a video montage of this goofball and his obsession with wearing everyone’s shoes.

October – Halloween and Pumpkin Patch

We went to Tanaka Farms to pick out a pumpkin with our friends! Linus got to feed the goats and ride the tractor and play in the dirt. Good times was had by all.

Then halloween came and Linus got his first taste of CANDY! SO MUCH CANDY!

Linus got to feed the goats at the petting zoo.

And decided this was how he would hand out the halloween candy: “One for you, 50 for me.”

And lastly, a video of L’s dance moves.

July/August/September Update

So, I’ve been lacking in the updating department. Bad bad bad!

So here’s what happened in the past few months in no particular order:

- We went to vegas!
- Linus went to the zoo and met a gorilla.
- We met the pony at the petting zoo.
- Linus went to his first baseball game.
- We celebrated birthdays with Julian, Raymond, Lillian, and Alton哥哥 .
- We had Korean BBQ with 爷爷 and 嫲嫲
- We started a vegetable garden (that the dog then dug up, but we’ll start it again!)

Linus learned to use a spoon. Here’s him feeding BaBa.

Linus says, “Get OUT!”

Linus has his first taste of icecream and learns to nod “Yes!”

Our little Picasso paints his first painting.

Linus slides the big slide at Alton’s party.

Whew! That was a lot of work for me. It was a fun summer!
I will try to be more regular with the updates from this point on. Try being the operative word.


Linus is so lucky to have these Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, cousins, and friends who love and care about him. We would like to thank everyone for coming to Linus’ first birthday party and celebrating with us.

And also to those who did not attend, thank you for all the birthday wishes you sent!

Check out this gift from Raymond and Julian. It’s bigger than Linus!


There was a fundraiser carnival at a local school this weekend and we all went to have some fun. We played games, ate food, and best of all, Linus got to ride the Ferris wheel and carousel for the first time.