5 Months – Rolling and trying to crawl

My little baby is 5 months already!  How the time flies.  Linus can now roll over whenever he wants and roll and scoot to all kinds of places.  You turn around for a second and for some reason he isn’t where you left him anymore!

Linus also discovered this high-pitched squeal recently.  He’s channeling his inner-pterodactyl. Mommy’s ears can’t wait for Linus to move on from this noise.

O Canada!

We headed to Toronto to visit Ah-Gong.  You got on your first plane ride just after we got your newly minted US passport.  You even got your first chop on your passport upon entry into Canada!

You did so well on the flight.  Only a quick fuss and then you slept most of the way.  The flight back to LA was much more dramatic though, involving a giant poop and a wardrobe change.  Despite that, you still did well.

When we got to Canada, it was cold!  Colder than you have ever experienced.  Mommy had to buy you a snow suit to keep you bundled up and warm.