32 weeks – under 2 months left >_<

OMG! How did the time fly by so fast?  Please tell me I have enough time to get everything ready.

Before you get here, Daddy and I have been trying to enjoy our time to ourselves as much as we can.  We went to a Clippers basketball game this past weekend.

NBA playoffs, and Clippers won!  It was really fun and we can’t wait to take you to a game once you’re out.  We’ll have to get you a little jersey to match the sea of red.

That same night, we saw The Avengers at the movies.  Daddy was so tired, he fell asleep through half the movie, but you were wide awake, kicking and punching with the superheroes. *WHAM*BAM*POW*  Who’s your favorite?

On Sunday, we took our lazy butts hiking.  This was a new trail for us, and we didn’t know how hard it was!  We didn’t make it to the end, but apparently there is a waterfall.  There were too many creeks and rocks to climb over and you’re not making it easy for me.  I tried my best and got as far as I could.  Once you’re out, we’ll go again to see the waterfall.

Here’s me letting you catch some rays.  Check out the hat. Remember, you’re also Canadian as well as being an American.  The Blue Jays are as much your team as the Dodgers are, you got that?

There’s still so much to do before your arrival, but things seem to finally be coming together at our new house.  You just stay put for as long as possible so I can get things ready.

Love, Mommy.

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