11 months old – getting into trouble!

Linus turned 11 months old today! Maybe it was because he was too excited to be a big boy because Linus decided to wake up EXTRA EARLY today. 20130520-184826.jpg

In the past month, Linus began looking more like a toddler and less like a baby. He also understands a lot of things like the things he likes to eat, the birds and planes in the sky, the ants and bugs crawling on the ground, and the big garbage trucks that come by every week.

Linus loves his bookshelf and books. His favorite game is pulling ALL the books out of the bookshelf and making a mess in the playroom for mommy or PoPo to clean up. Here’s the little bugger caught in the act.


There was a fundraiser carnival at a local school this weekend and we all went to have some fun. We played games, ate food, and best of all, Linus got to ride the Ferris wheel and carousel for the first time.