November – Enjoying the great weather in SoCal

Every weekend, we pack up Linus and try to get outside to tire him out. Hiking, beach, whatever. Feels so busy but it’s fun!

Linus goes hiking. This little guy can walk half a mile no problem! We’ve got a confident stride now! Crawling? That’s for babies.

This is Linus’ favorite toy. A top BaBa bought from China for 5RMB. He LOVES to say, “转转转!” While spinning round and round. Here’s Linus trying to figure out how to wind up the top by himself, then having a ‘conversation’ with PoPo.

L rides a penny board. Maybe we should ask Santa for one? That kind of makes Mommy nervous. Maybe next year.

And lastly, a video montage of this goofball and his obsession with wearing everyone’s shoes.

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