Knee Anatomy, Function and Popular Issues. Anatomical Terms

Bones for the Leg

You can find four bones across the leg: the thigh bone (femur), the shin bone tissue (tibia), leg limit (patella), plus the fibula (see image towards the left):

  • Femur (thigh bone) – the longest bone tissue in your body; The circular knobs at the conclusion for the bone tissue (nearby the leg) are known as condyles. In the knee joint, the end associated with the femur is covered in hyaline (or articular) cartilage.
  • Tibia (shin bone tissue) – runs through the leg into the ankle. The top the tibia consists of two plateaus (or flat areas) which are covered in articular cartilage (in the knee joint). Connected here are a couple of C-shaped shock-absorbing cartilages called menisci. a protuberance that is knuckle-like the leading (or anterior aspect) for the leg is called the tibial tubercle. The patellar ligament(or here tendon) attaches (see below).
  • Patella (kneecap) – a semi-flat, triangular bone tissue this is certainly in a position to go because the knee bends. It’s main function is to boost the force created by the quadriceps muscle tissue (which straightens or stretches the knee). By way of example, you may not be able to straighten your knee if you break (or fracture) the patella, the quadriceps may not be able to effectively pull on the tibia and. This might be one of many major causes why patellar fractures frequently should be fixed. The patella additionally protects the knee joint from upheaval. The patella glides in the groove formed involving the two femoral condyles called the patellofemoral groove. Continue reading

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Credit: Shea Strauss

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